the foot lab has been established to instigate and participate in research into foot problems and establishing preventive protocols from a biomechanical and metabolic perspective.
We have already partnered with companies and individuals in order to be able to launch a number of initiatives in 2016. Our base will be within the Science Room utilised by the Sports Performance Lab at the Sydney Academy of Sport. We have sponsorship commitment from Australia’s foremost distrubutor of biomechanical technology: Biomechanix.

Three studies are already in the planning stage for 2016

  • RUD2 – a study of Type 2 Diabetes to identify ‘at risk’ patients and document protocols for its prevention
  • Falls Prevention screening – utilising the biomechanical technology available to the foot lab we will identify ‘at risk’ patients and develop preventative protocols
  • Children’s school shoes – we are assisting a PHD study into the benefits (or harm) of readily available shoes at a retail level marketed for children’s wear

If you have an area of interest when it comes to foot research and would like to see if we can help, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. We will be updating our site as details are finalised.